A History of The Odeon

The Odeon has continuously remained one of Dublin’s most popular venues. Centrally located on Dublin’s Harcourt Street, we pride ourselves on being a hot spot venue for evening drinks in the capital. We promise good food, good drink and a good time, in delectably decadent surroundings.

With four unique bars to choose from, alongside a fully-heated outdoor terrace – there is a place for everyone at The Odeon.

The Odeon provides a brilliant backdrop for any soirée. Start your evening in style, stay for a night of fun and laughter, or host a private party – whatever you choose, The Odeon is the spot for you!

The Odeon Bar opened in June 1998 in the entrance to the former Harcourt Street Railway Terminus following extensive renovations & restoration. The original building, designed by George Wilkinson, opened in 1850. It operated as Dublin City centres main station until the line’s closure in 1959, after which the majestic building fell prey to a soulless office conversion. Its rehabilitation as a public space removed all superfluous internal divisions and restored the building to its original grand, open dimensions.

The Odeon is a list 1 building and is open to the public free of charge six days a week. Monday – Friday from 12pm & Saturdays from 4pm.